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    Dehui Group Shenzhen factory is located in the western part of Shenzhen, adjacent to the a beautiful sea pastoral scenic, our plant area has all kinds of modern manufacturing equipment. Dehui is specializing in single / double injection mold design and manufacturing / Rapid prototyping/CNC Machining/Die casting/Plastic and Alu Extrusion/ Metal stamping / single / two-color injection molding / injection /painting/ printing/Polishing, parts and components assembly manufacturer. We provide one-stop service, from material procurement, engineering, production, assembly, packaging, global logistics management, to a variety of industries, including consumer electronics, entertainment systems, information technology, automobiles and Medical equipment.

    Over more than 15 years experience of products development and operations management, we had a high level engineering team dedicated to perspectiveness management system with products manufacture and design, promote us to continuous learning and improvement in the the competitive environment, To bring more good services from our fast,stable,accurate ,comprehensive,objective and professional attitude.

    In the industry, Dehui always abide by "Don’t Exaggerate,but keep professional" at work, always put the customers needs in the first place, keep improving and strictly to demand ourselves,take humanization and institutionalized combination as the management mode,logical,active and lively management ideas,A win - win business philosophy.so that we can constantly improve ourselves.Thus,we were able to maintain a strong market vitality in the continously development of the industry .we truly believe that:enterprise culture building the brand, rally the talents,talent creating the future.